Posted by: Marita Thomson | June 5, 2007

Jamil’s Shadow

jamil.jpgby Christine Harris

Reviewed by NathanS of Year 7

The main character is Jamil who looks after his father’s cattle farm and meets a dog who he grows to care for. He will not leave Jamil alone. He shares his lunch with the dog and begins to like him.

In the climax of the story one day there is an earthquake and Jamil is injured and gets stuck. The dog, who Jamil calls Shadow, comes and gets help.

I believe this book has a strong meaning about life: to love everyone and not to leave anyone behind or forgotten. I found the book easy to relate to because the experiences in the book are true to life.

Jamil’s Shadow is set in a village in Turkey.



  1. Dear Miss

    Thankyou for creating this blog
    and also for including my review on the blog

    Kind Regards

    Nathan Stark

  2. Good on ya Nathan.
    I’ll definitely read it when I get the chance
    Keep reading. Keep reviewing.

  3. good book reveiw i am sure i’ll read it!!!

  4. Thanks for the review Nathan. I read the book and enjoyed it. The rice pilaf sounded good. I think that was the key moment which started to soften Jamil’s heart. A lesson in life for sure. How about doing another review?

  5. I read it too Nathan………finally. Have you read anything else recenty that youcould recommend??

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