Posted by: Marita Thomson | September 2, 2007

Choosing Books

Probably the best way to choose a book to read is to talk to a like minded reader – someone who really knows what you like to read, or is willing to listen.

Sometimes, and for some people more than others, all you need is access to a good collection – in a library, bookshop or well stocked home library – and some quiet time to browse.

The Internet can be a valuable resource for finding good books, and we hope that some of the recommendations on this blog will help. Go further afield with some of the links in the sidebar, and let us know if you know others we could add.

There are also some great publications that introduce books for the curious reader. We have established a corner bookshelf within our library with a few good volumes that you can browse in when looking for new ideas. Here are the core volumes you will find there:

1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die – This should give us all the motivation to live a long life. Not enough Australian books here, but plenty of excellent books to choose from. Look for those mentioned elsewhere on this site and you will find many. Chronological organisation (from oldest to newest) with three hundred words on each book and many illustrations of authors make for a great book to dip into.
Click here to buy The Ultimate Teen Book Guide – Over 700 great books recommended, with suggestions for similar reads as well. This book crosses over for older readers with plenty of titles  written for adults as well.
The Ultimate Book Guide – 600+ books recommended over a wide range of reading interests. Many of these are well suited to teens.
Right Book Right Time Right Book Right Time by Agnes Nieuwenhuizen – This is a terrific and up to date book (October 2007) with an Australian bias. Those books featured are from around the world – some in translation – and include books for younger readers, young adults and adults. The author recognises the natural overlap and flags books which appeal to a range of ages – adult books that younger readers like, books written for teens that appeal to adults, etc.

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