Posted by: mgrathcantcatch | November 29, 2007

The Road by Cormac McCarthy


book coverNow and again a novel comes aong which your read and you know you will never forget.  The Road by Cormac McCarthy is a remarkable, emotional story which is certainly one of those.

Beatifully, at times poetically written it depicts a world which it is difficult to imagine in every sense of the word.

Centred on an intense father/son relationship it tore at my heart and forced me to think about how much I take for granted in life.

Mcarthy’s evocative description of landscape, brilliant control of suspense, spare but haunting dialogue and effortless characterisation and astonishing dystopic vision combine to produce a novel which no serious reader can dismiss.



  1. Just loved this as well. Although quite an unrelieved story of bad times (to put it mildly) the overall effect was strangely uplifting. Something about hope and beautiful writing I think. I listened to this one and look forward to reading it as well as the language was so poetic.

    The film of this book is already in planning stages and there is some discussion about who will play the role of the man. (See: )

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