Wide Reading Year 10

The Year 10 booklist was compiled by Mr Hunter. All are available in our library.

What do you think? Have your say on these books or suggest your own favourites by commenting below.

    Cover    Cover of 48 Shades of Brown Cover of Making Laws For Clouds Cover of Monica Bloom   red_heart.jpg   THE NEVER BOYS  refugee-boy.jpg kiterunner.jpg



  1. Get into it Year 10.
    I’ve read most of these titles that are listed above.
    If you are a reluctant reader and have not previously enjoyed reading many books RAW by Scott Monk might be a good place to start.
    Some of you might remember Markus Zusack coming in to talk to you a couple of years back. I’d recommend any of his books to you.
    When Dogs Cry is probably the easiest or most accessible of them. If you want something a bit meatier go for The Messenger – it’s very good. And if you want something even meatier go for The Book Thief. You’ll have to wait a couple of days for me to return it to the library though as I am just finishing it. It is superb.
    My other main recommendation – if you like something a bit different is Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes – it is a unique book – very engaging – I read it in one sitting – could not put it down.
    If you have read a lot and feel ready for something challenging The Kite Runner by Afghani writer Khaled Hosseni is excellent.
    Come on boys I challenge you to be the next to contribute to this initiative very kindly set up by Miss Thomson.

  2. My favourite books from this list are Nick Hornby’s About a Boy and Nick Earls’ 48 Shades of Brown. Both are laugh out loud funny (and both have been made into movies).
    If you like to start small try The Old Man and the Sea. This is a novella but a masterful one.
    Look for these books on display in the library.

  3. Anything by Markus Zusak is good, especially the BOOK THIEF and THE MESSENGER. Mice and men is also goodish.
    Grapes of Wrath it will turn you of books for a while.

  4. Thanks for the input Bedwell.
    The opposite of on is off by the way, not of.

    1.The Beach, Alex Garland
    2.Marathon Man,William Goldman
    3.A Fortunate Life, A.B. Facey
    4.Papillon,Henri Charrière
    5.Day of the triffids,John Wyndham.
    the beach is a story a 3 white americans and cloumbo drug dealers, the movie was bad the book is way better.
    marathon man is about diamonds and this guy gets tourtured by a dentist, with a drill in the tooth cavity = wicked awsome.
    a fourtunate life the extraordinary life of an ordanary australian bloke.
    Papillon is the autobiography of a guy who escapes prison about a million times then lives happily ever after.

  6. Come on Yr 10 – its going to be a pretty small advanced class next year at this rate

  7. who is mgrathcantcatch ?

  8. On your recommendation Bedwell I read A Fortunate Life.

    Quite simply it is a book that every Australian should read. And as a proud new Australian I’m glad I did.

    Thanks for the recommendation.

  9. i love your book choice and ur website it is very informative… thanks for the info. appreaciate it alot.. aburrrrrvvvvvvvv

  10. i am currently reading “of mice and men” and think that it is a very easy book to read.
    i think that the scene is set extremely well and the relationship between lennie and george is very unique. i think this because george changes his attitude towards Lennie multiply times in the story.

  11. i would just like to say that you have set up an excellent website and is to your credit.
    the site is easily navigated and the GUI design is mint.

  12. i started to read Vernon God Little by Dbc Pierre,
    i personally didnt like it. only because it took to long to get into the story. i didnt read it all because i found that the book wasnt what i am into.

  13. i found the booklist was not my cup of tea so i then found myself searching the shelves for other books. i found a large variety of thrillers which i enjoy very much. a darkness more than night by michael connely is fantastic.
    im also impressed with the webstite which is easily navigated and accessible.

  14. i love books…

  15. I read the Catcher in the Rye, it was a relatively short book, but i found it pretty boring. It was just about a school kids life as he leaves high school and his views on the world.
    I then started to read the book theif, it is a fantastic read and every page is interesting and i would recomend it.

  16. i have been reading ‘the never boys’ by scott monk and i am about 70 pages into the novel and nothing has happened.
    its simply about a man backpacking on a farm so far..
    but i am sticking with the book and i am hoping for the best.

  17. I just started reading “Raw” by scott Monk… it is ok so far

  18. at the moment im reading a book by michall Connelly, “a darkness more than night”. not much has happened but i enjoy the way he writes.. i am about 1/3 of the way through and am waiting for something more interestign to happen

  19. i recon boy kills man is a pretty good book, it shows how hard life is in the slums of columbia and how guns are a way of life in counrties where the police are corrupt

  20. I am reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. It is a good book so far and i’m 120 pages into it. It sort of flows on from the Da Vinci code as it is written by the same guy.
    I’ll try to finish it but it is pretty huge in length. Try it when i’m finished. Its not bad.

  21. i am reading boyz’r’us.

    dont be fooled by the name young chaps, this is a really good novel.

    Boyz ‘R’ Us focuses on the life of a young australian boy who deals with everyday teenage troubles and joins a gang. He craves power and gets into drugs before his life takes an unexpected but thrilling turn. really exciting read, definately worth your while if you love reading about fights and other hardcore things.

    yours sincerely,


  22. Thanks for your comments all.

    Don’t be afraid to make your comments a bit more specific – what is good – what is not good – e.t.c

  23. some good senior fiction ones are Violets are bule, Roses are red and Three blind mice all by James Patterson, all his books have a mystery theme to them, ive been re-reading them over the years also his books usually depict alot of blood shed (only reason why it is in senior fiction).
    His books also have small out burst of fantasy but not to much to pitch his books as ‘unreal’.


  24. Strangly enough, i havent read any of these books ( thou i do tend to vear my eyes towards the fantasy/ Mystery books, and anything involving vampires =} ).
    but soon ill go looking for these books to see whats good and to see which of those authors actualy have an imagination.


  25. Ive just finished reading the treasure of Khan by Clive Cussler. It wasn’t a bad read. But I wouldn’t highly recommend it.

    I also very much agree with Rob. Angels and Demons is a fantastic book by Dan Brown and this is a book I would highly recommend. I think that it probably could even be better than The Da Vinci code, but i’m sure there are many people who would disagree with me.

    If you aren’t a big reader, I would recommend that you read any Matt Reily book. Even though they are a little past the level we should be reading at. They are a very good read. Ice Station by Reily got me into reading books


  26. Ice station is pritty good but the best of his books would be temple, if only for the very detailed story base.

    also i started reading reily when i was 12 =}

    If anyone has found any good vampire books (fantasy or mystery) please post them here thx.


  27. I agree with moose, angels and demons is way better than the da vinci code.
    some one read DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS.

  28. no sorry i really dont know any good vampire books, talk to Mr Hunter as he knows a few good ones.

  29. Must reads:

    – Any Tom Clancy novel but not the series where other authors write it and he puts his name on it to make more sales.
    – General Cosgrove autobiography. Easy read even if you are not into military facts. Talks about his early childhood but more interestingly the conflict in East Timor.
    – Just been getting into Mathew Riley. Area 7 is a top read if you like action. its part of a series which I found out later so read Ice Station first.

  30. i must agree with matheson on “Matthew Reilly”
    his best work is with the Scarecrow series which are ‘scarecrow’, ‘ice station’ and ‘area 7’ and a few other ones, scarecrow is the first of them all.

    And i havent talked to mr hunter yet but ill get onto him soon.


  31. Also can someone plz tell me how i can put up a pic like the librarian (dont worry i wont put up a pic of my face).


  32. The Library has just received a new copy of The Day of the Triffids, and two very different books with vampire themes:
    Peeps by Scot Westerfeld (see http://scottwesterfeld.com/peeps.htm )
    The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova ( http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4716442 )

  33. Tom, I think to upload a pic you need to join WordPress which is painless and free. You can use your usual email. Go to wordpress.com (or use the link at the bottom of the page).

  34. Just to let you know Tom, Scarecrow isn’t the first one, but actually the last. And i’m sure people would argue with me but i didn’t like, it mainly because all the way through the main character uses his maghook in “every” situation and it just gets repetitive.

    I managed to finish the Book Thief by Marcus Zusak and it was fantastic, i would recommend it to anyone.

  35. Thanks for all comments.
    I haven’t got any more recommendations at the moment as I have had to read a lot of year 12 HSC answers and I wouldn’t recommend them but I’ll be back into it soon and concentrating my reading on the recommendations that have been made so far which I have not previously read.

    By the way anyone who sees the Principal of the college around the place I dare you to go to him and ask him why he has not yet contributed to this blog bearing in mind the fact that he is an avid reader and a teacher of year 10 English. Tom Lord, you are exempt from this challenge as you are in his class and may suffer retribution. So who’s it going to be?

  36. thx miss im trying to join the wordpress right now
    and im hoping thoes vampire books are still in the library by the time i get there.

    i forgot that scarecrow wasent the first soz and i might as well tell the principle to contribute as i dont think anyone else is up to the challenge.

    oh! also scarecrow isent the last, there is a thin 200 page book about an island with genetically modified apes and stuff which is the real last book.
    The story follows on after scarecrow so it still has kinda the same theme… exept with apes.

  37. YAY its working!!!

  38. btw the person is ichigo of ‘Bleach’ the Anime.


  39. I agree with Mr Matheson too.
    Matthew Reilly is fantastic. I have read all his novels and also heard him speak at the young Leadership conference in 2005. He is very funny and innovative young man. If you have not picked up one of his books then do it now. You will not regret it.

  40. i have finished reading of mice and men and reccomenrd it. i thought the ending was very well written but i thought that the very last line was no neccessary and damaged the dramatic ending.

  41. Mathew Riley is a good writer all of his books are great. however in my opinion his best book is a non-military or fighting type one.
    HoverCar racer, a slightly futuristic racing book is as fast paced as any of his others.

  42. I haven’t contributed yet as I didn’t feel as if any of the books I have read so far this year would interest many Year 10 students.
    That, however, may be wide of the mark.
    Early this year I finished the three volume biography of Graham Greene, and more recently completed Peter Ackroyd’s William Shakespeare.
    David Malouf’s Every Move you Make is a gentle read with sometimes “not so gentle” themes.
    Currently I am reading Hemmingway’s A Farewell to Arms – having skipped over it years ago.
    These are just a few to respond to the challenge…

  43. I haven’t read much Greene but was impressed by the 2002 film version of The Quiet American (apparently the 1950s version was sanitised so as not to offend the US). It was quite different from my expectations and the book (which we have in the library) is a good read.

    David Malouf is a favourite – loved An Imaginary Life and Remembering Babylon especially. Have heard that Johnno is good and semi autobiographical – set in post WW2 Brisbane. That’s in the library too.

  44. I’ve started Brighton Rock by Graham Greene but i’m struggling.

    I’ve also just finished The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid by Bill Bryson. I’ve now read all of his books. I found this look into his childhood years growing up in Des Moines, Iowa in the U.S in the 1950’s really interesting and in true Bryson style laughoutloudingly, selfdeprecatingly funny.

    Also very interesting to read his colloquial but perceptive take on Mcarthyism (for all those who are either currentlystudying The Crucibe in Year 11 or are going to do so)

    I have only read one book by Malouf “An imaginary life” and I too enjoyed it. Thanks for info on some of hs other works

  45. I have just finished reading the messenger by Markus Zusak, it was pretty good, andhwas funny but it let me down a bit because it just dosen’t compare to the Book Thief. But the libary actually have a copy which he had signed!
    I’m about to read the underdog also by Markus Zusak, but is it the sequel to fighting ruben wolf?

  46. Tom, I must admit to not having read either book but I know that Underdog was published first, and both have the same narrator and family. I have read When Dogs Cry (which I liked a lot), the third in this sequence. In fact, although The Messenger has a different narrator (Ed as opposed to Cam) I think he is really the same character a year or two down the track.

    I loved and hated The Messenger – changing my attitude every fifty pages or so. Hated the ending – too contrived for my liking, although it was touted as innovative by many.

    I must admit that The Book Thief was a love hate thing with me too, but I know I am in the minority in this.

    A couple of good links to follow up on Zusak: the first is about how he decided he wanted to be a writer – at 15 in a typical school playground; the second is a little about Fighting Ruben Wolf and lists related titles and films which look interesting.


  47. lately ive enjoyed ‘the dice man’ it reads like an airport novel however the underlying themes have enough depth to keep more concerning readers interesed. quick chapters follow quick wit in this bad boy.
    a bizarre story based around phsycaiatrist luke rhinehart, the dice man is about acts of randomness. armed with a pair of die, the diceman lets the die decide his every move.

    a little bit warped, but an enjoyable read.

  48. what did you guys think of the kite runner?

    it was very sad, though i thought a little predictable. did anyone else think this or am i being too cynical?

  49. About Kite Runner – I’d agree Chris to a point. First, I thought it was a bit melodramatic but I really enjoyed it anyway. Second, when a book is very predictable it is probably meant to be that way and if you like it you call it foreshadowing.

    Foreshadowing, by the way, is a major feature of The Book Thief, which is not otherwise a predictable story.

  50. It never occurred to me either during or after reading it that it was predictable – I guess I was just swept along by how beautifully it was written

  51. Who is the Dice man by??

  52. it is by Luke Rhinehart. the character is fictional, it is written like a diary or journal. it jumps and changes constantly.

  53. Have just finished RAW by Scott Monk -Not bad – although not as good as I expected it to be from what I had heard and read about it – good enough to consider reading one of his other novels though – I reckon I would have enjoyed this when I was a young fella more – I do kind of like the way the main character finds that there are no easy answers in life. I like the realism too – 2 good looking birds who are both in to him and neither situation ends up going well – a good lesson in shrugging your shoulders and getting on with it – just not well written enough for my fussy tastes

  54. have just finished The Road by Cormac
    mcarthy – outstanding

  55. Hi All, I am now managing this site, but i have L Plates on . Please be patient with me and i am very much open to your help and suggestions. happy reading !

  56. HI Markus i am your biggest fan your the messenger is a big hit in my view i really love your books i always collect money all out the year to buy your

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